Monday, January 31, 2011

Pre Rocky Raccoon 100 Musings

Let me begin by making a confession. “I do not like the Beatles!” There said it. Though I do like John Lennon; “Image” that. So “Rocky Raccoon” will not be on my iPod. One – Because I do not like the Beatles; did I mention that? and Two – I don’t  own an iPod. Problem solved.

In five days I will be running the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile trail run in Huntsville, TX with my good friend Mark "Majic" McCaslin
Game Plan.  “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”. A quote either by Winston Churchill or Jedi Master Yoda, I’ll go with the later. So here goes:
1)      Finish before the 30 hr cutoff.
2)      Beat my 100 mile PR of 29:04.
3)      Go sub 24hrs.
4)      Beat the RUT Rocky Raccoon record of 23:29.
I like raccoons (but don’t think I could eat a whole one) some folk are less kind:

Some may even wish them ill?

Having said that I believe they don't really care what we think!

Sometimes shy, always cute

Weather reports are for lots of snow across the northern parts of the country. I hope not like this though. 

I was warned to watch out for raccoons at the aid stations. They'll swipe your Fig Newtons.

and are partial to other snacks as well.

So enough said and time to get my Rocky Game Face on:

Though cute a friend urged caution. They appear to have a mean steak! I hope this doesn’t happen to me, figuratively speaking that is : )

My hope come Sunday is that I can be like this raccoon and say...

See you on the other side.


  1. Just to be clear, the RUT record for a 100 miler was set by yours truly in April of 2009 and is 23:17:32. May the farce be with you :)

  2. Don't forget, raccoons can also carry rabies! ;-) Good luck, Tumbleweed!

  3. Go give it hell you crazy Brit!!! :) I think you will surprise yourself when you cross the finish line - all four of your goals will be met and then some!!! Best wishes to you TW!!!